Our Work
Our History
The Action for Breast Cancer Foundation is a voluntary organisation (VO/0058) that campaigns for breast awareness and a quality assured service in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Malta and Gozo. Helen Muscat and Esther Sant set up the foundation in March 2007 after they personally experienced the lack of services offered to persons diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, there was no information that was tailored to the needs of newly diagnosed patients. There was no guidance on where to find adequate brassieres and prosthetics for patients undergoing mastectomy and few support services. So, Helen and Esther set out to create a one-stop-shop at the hospital breast clinic. Today, the foundation offers each person diagnosed with breast cancer a folder in which to keep all the relevant information they may need, a free brassiere to those who have undergone a mastectomy and free psychological services. Following extensive lobbying, the government now offers free prosthesis to mastectomy patients.
Our Achievements
Our foundation works hard at lobbying for better services and treatment for breast cancer patients and we are proud of our achievements to date, which include:
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In 2013, the Alive Charity Foundation collected 55,000 Euros which were donated to theAction for Breast Cancer Foundation. The funds were passed on to the University of Malta Research Innovation Development Trust and through this donation, Dr. Shaun Baldacchino was able to complete his PhD research on breast cancer.
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In 2012, we donated a gamma probe to help improve the surgical diagnostic technique while taking lymph node samples and a tattoo machine to improve the cosmetic outcome of breast re-construction surgery.
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In 2009, we held a march to highlight the need to provide the drug Herceptine free on the national health service for women with HER positive tumours. The following year it started to be given to patients free of charge.
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In 2009, we donated equipment to the Multidisciplinary team at Mater Dei Hospital, namely a biopsy gun and a state-of-the-art microscope incorporating a digital camera and an LCD screen, Its use is not only diagnostic but it also serves as a teaching tool for medical students.
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In 2009, we presented a 5000-signature petition in parliament to the Minister of Health and the Elderly, Hon. Dr. Joseph Cassar and to Hon. Justine Caruana.
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Our Mission Statement
To continue to strive to put breast cancer education and awareness, treatment and care, at the forefront of the country’s health agenda.
Our Goal
To ensure that breast cancer patients are treated in a holistic manner at an accredited breast unit at the national hospital.
Help us ease the journey of breast cancer patients – Action for Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058