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Personal Folder
On being diagnosed you will receive a folder in which you can keep your medical record and other information that is relevant to your breast cancer journey.
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Mastectomy Brassiere
Thanks to extensive lobbying by the Foundation, mastectomy patients are now provided with a good quality prosthesis by government. To complement this and help restore confidence in your appearance, we offer you the gift of a specially designed brassiere that will be professionally fitted by the breast care nurse at the breast clinic. Only the initial brassiere is provided by the Foundation.
Mastectomy Brassier & Swimwear Suppliers
Psychological Support
We offer up to 15 free sessions of psychological support to breast cancer patients, their significant others and children by trained professionals. Our team of counsellors and psychologists, who are qualified in various areas including oncology, will help you develop coping skills to make your life easier and more manageable. Please ask a healthcare professional to refer you for this service by downloading this form, filling it out and sending it to our postal address.
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Breast Awareness Courses For Health Care Professionals and Organisations
We offer awareness courses to companies and health care professionals to strengthen awareness on the dangers of breast cancer, its repercussions on the individuals concerned and their loved ones and early detection. Please contact us for more information.
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