Take the Test
Altering the general negative perception of mammograms. Highlights the importance of doing a mammogram as early detection may save lives.
What Happens After You Consult Your Doctor
Your family doctor may refer you for a mammogram (this is similar to an x-ray) and/or an ultrasound. If this indicates a lump you may be booked for a biopsy under anesthetic. A biopsy is a test that removes tissue or fluid from the suspicious area for examination under a microscope. It is the only diagnostic procedure that can definitely determine if the suspicious area is cancerous. It does not usually require an overnight hospital stay. The results of the biopsy will indicate whether treatment is required and, if so, which type of treatment. If surgery is required, this can be performed at the Mater Dei Hospital with support from the Breast Care nurses. Depending on the outcome, you may be referred to an oncologist at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre for hormone therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination treatment. Breast cancer treatments differ from patient to patient and your Consultant Oncologist will recommend a course of action that is specific to you and your diagnosis. Cancer therapies continue to evolve. For more information please visit The Macmillan Cancer Support Website.
Free Breast Screening
The Malta Breast Screening Programme provides free breast screening every three years for all women resident in the Maltese Islands aged 50 to 60 years. For more information about this programme please contact us.
Help us ease the journey of breast cancer patients – Action for Breast Cancer Foundation VO/0058