Her Way – Helen’s Inspiration to Life
Her Way – Helen’s Inspiration to Life
The book ‘Her Way – Helen’s Inspiration to Life’, written by Ingrid Zerafa for the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation is now available in bookshops. British-born Helen Muscat came to Malta after marrying psychiatrist Dr Peter Muscat. With a very solid background in nursing, Helen made a difference in Malta’s healthcare provision when she worked with other like-minded people to introduce Hospice in Malta. She was also in the core team that set up Zammit Clapp Hospital, where she was matron. She was also matron at St Philip’s and St James private hospitals. The book documents Helen’s approach to life through many testimonials. She was renowned for her charismatic character, integrity, mindfulness, and positive and practical approach towards life. Because of her many connections, the book includes first-hand information from her husband Peter and insights on Helen’s philosophy of life from Michelle Muscat, wife of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Kate Gonzi, wife of former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Helen’s numerous friends, healthcare professionals and including complementary therapists, whose advice she sought.
Helen lost her battle to breast cancer in October 2013. She lived with the disease for nine years and it was during this time that Helen turned her ill-health into an opportunity to improve breast care and cancer treatment for other women in Malta. She co-founded The Breast Care Support Group and later the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation where she lobbied for a free national breast screening programme, free Herceptin, an improved breast prosthesis and free bra for every woman who goes through a mastectomy, and facilitated the first PhD research in breast cancer at the University of Malta. The book is intended to give readers going through a challenging moment a different perspective of life. Understanding how Helen lived, the reader gets inspired how to tackle pain and suffering, the true meaning of love for those around them and humankind in general, how to carry out their work ethically and professionally, how to fight battles gently but firmly, without ever compromising what they believe in: The truth. Helen’s life examples can very well be an inspirational guide to life. ‘Her Way’ is published by Horizons and can be bought from the publishers, Miller distributors and leading bookshops. The book costs Euro 15 and all proceeds from sales will go to the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation.
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